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Online Giving: Continues to Grow

online giving continues to growThe potential for online fundraising was on display in America recently with a multi-million regional 24 hour online fundraising event that generated 11.1 million USD in donations...

Seattle Foundation's GiveBIG campaign generated $11.1 million in online giving for non-profits, beating its 2012 fundraising total of $7.4 million for the same online event, by about 50 per cent.


Getting Cynical About Corporate Do-Gooders

236x300qefdfqzedqds07It seems like there are so many people looking for reasons to be critical and doubtful about businesses that are striving in some way to make a difference. I get it, believe me–sometimes it’s a blatantly obvious that good PR is the only purpose of corporate philanthropy and community contribution. But often, we can find entrepreneurs who genuinely want to help out in some way, and they’re doing the best they can. Sometimes that help comes in a less-than-perfect package. Say, in a pack of gum, for example.




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