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White House

White House Honors Pinay Champion of Change

Philanthropy NewsAnybody can visit and join a tour of the White House in Washington. But not everybody can be invited and be so honored in the White House.

Despite an enviable Cinderella-like turn of events that came her way, Filipina Myrla Baldonado of Chicago, Illinois downplayed the significance of her trip to the White House last May 6.

“It was a successful trip. (But) I did set very small expectations. What is important was the work was highlighted,” she said.


White House and Nonprofits Start Leadership Effort

WHITEHOUSEAPPHOTOCorporate executives lobby Washington every day.  Not many come to plead for higher taxes and stronger regulation.
This week, though, a group called the American Sustainable Business Council (ASBC) convened in our nation’s capital to issue "A Business Call for a New Economy" that's built around “triple bottom line” principles, shared prosperity and environmental stewardship. The event was unofficially closed to the media, but ASBC invited as a media observer.


White House Says Charitable Giving Won’t Be Hurt by Tax Plan

White House

The White House on Thursday took pains to explain its recent proposals to limit the value of tax breaks that wealthy people can take for their charitable gifts.

Nonprofit leaders are concerned about two parts of Obama’s budget plan announced Monday: one that would limit write-offs for all itemized deductions, including those for charitable donations, to 28 percent for affluent people, compared with the 35 percent rate many wealthy people now pay; and the so-called Buffett Rule, which requires anybody with income of more than $1-million to pay at least 30 percent in taxes.


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