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Charities Should Answer to The Public, Not to The Political Elite

Charities should answer to the public not to the political eliteDoes it matter that the chief executive of Save the Children earns more (£163,000 last year) than the Prime Minister (£143,500)? Should we worry that, as this newspaper revealed this week, at least 38 charity bosses are now earning more than £100,000 a year?

The answer is not obvious. Large charities need professional competence and charismatic leadership. Such things must, within reason, be paid for. On the other hand, charities are funded by people giving money to help other people who need it more. If a class of charito-crats, richer and more powerful than their ordinary donors, has come into being, that is wrong.

Don't Let Political Groups Hide Donors Behind Charity Pretense

Philanthropy NewsWhen the Supreme Court's landmark ruling in 2010 opened the corporate floodgates to unlimited election spending, we waited to see its effect on politics.

Last fall, we endured unprecedented bombardment with political television ads from independent organizations as they tried to influence the presidential election.

Playing Politics with Charity

Philanthropy NewsIt's messy enough already, but there's a way that the saga of the Grace Foundation, Justin Trudeau and the PMO could get a lot messier for everyone -- revolving specifically  around the rules for charities and partisan activities.

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