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Lebanon HS Students Raise Money for "Thirst Project" Charity

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The Thirst Project takes money raised to build fresh water wells for communities in Africa that don't have access to running water.  Cameron Hudson, along with his classmate Kate O'Rourke and others, started with small fundraising efforts but moved to something larger.  They held a dance-a-thon in March which raised the bulk of the money.

O'Rourke says they're goal was to raise $6,000, the minimum needed to build a well in Africa.  She says The Thirst Project will give them their choice as to which community receives the well and they'll soon receive a video showing how their money is impacting the community.

Hudson calls the whole experience empowering, especially considering this is the first time he or O'Rourke had ever attempted a fundraising effort for any charity.

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