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Shailene Woodley Shows Off Cropped Hair for Charity

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Shailene Woodley shows off cropped hair for charity

Another celebrity has decided to go with a short hairdo, but this time, it’s for a good cause. Shailene Woodley has followed through with her promise to chop off her trademark long hair for charity before she starts filming The Fault In Our Stars.

Last week, John Green, the author of The Fault In Our Stars, announced on YouTube and Tumblr  that Woodley would be donating her hair to Children With Hair Loss.

In the film, Woodley will play a cancer patient who falls in love with another patient, so she has had to cut the hair she’s been showing off while promoting The Spectacular Now. Woodley decided to donate her hair to the charity, which provides wigs for children undergoing cancer treatment.

On Friday, Woodley tweeted  a picture of herself with short hair, noting that it’s still in progress. “But luckily, #itgrowsback,” she wrote to her 105,000 followers.

Woodley also explained the decision with her own Tumblr post  last week, writing that she hopes it will inspire others to do the same. The Descendants actress wrote about how she loved to grow her hair and continued to grow it as long as she could. She was amazed that it kept growing and decided that she wanted to share this with someone else.

“There was a time when growing my hair out symbolized something for me, but the power of sharing that choice, sharing the ability to have long hair with someone feels far more powerful right now,” she wrote. “I know what it feels like to have wind blow through my wavy locks, and I am over-the-top grateful I get to share that gift with another.”

She continued, “so I guess this was my attempt at asking you to take a look at your own situation. if you are in a place of absolutely loving your lengthy dreds, then GO YOU AND KEEP ON GROWIN‘ IT OUT! on the other hand, if you are in the position to cut off 8 inches of your hair, then i strongly urge you to do it. there are so many human beings out there who would LOVE the opportunity to possess long hair, but simply can not because of their current situation…. let’s share!”

Later, she noted how Green had told her that many of her fans have already donated and the news brought her to tears. “HOW GRATEFUL I AM FOR OUR ABILITY TO GIVE! yay!” she concluded.

The Fault In Our Stars hits theaters next year and you can see Woodley in The Spectacular Now.


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