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Google: Loon's Development Potential

Project Loon launch screencap Google videoThe Internet’s giant promotion of web access to developing countries is a wonderfully unconventional project, and captures the spirit of the early pioneers of air travel, immortalised in the fantastical story of the balloon adventurer in Jules Verne’s Around the World in 80 days...

Google has launched a trial project to bring Internet access to underdeveloped parts of the world...

NON-PROFIT TECH: Charity Award

he charity Direct Relief has been awarded the Esri PresidentThe charity Direct Relief has been awarded the Esri President’s Award for its outstanding use of Geographic Information System (GIS)...

It’s an example of how increasingly charities are utilising latest digital mapping and related technologies into humanitarian work such as disaster relief, and other fields including environmental protections...

Helping Others and Going Green by Giving away Old Gadgets and Computers

Save The World By Giving Your Old Gadgets and ComputersWhat happens to all those corporate computers that get turfed every three years? Or yesterday’s gadgets that are piled high in your spare closet? If you’re green — and community-minded — there are some good programs for others to re-use your electronics, which reduces landfill waste and helps your neighbor.

Studies have shown that PCs kept longer than three or four years can actually be counterproductive for businesses from a financial standpoint.

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