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Booming Charity Sector Could Deliver Stockmarket for Good Purpose

Philanthropy NewsWHILE Australians have been revelling in the mining boom or lamenting the decline of retailing and manufacturing, one large part of our economy has been quietly and consistently exceeding expectations.
The not-for-profit sector has more than doubled its contribution to GDP in less than a decade, a performance that outstrips any industry other than mining.

Combining Philanthropy and Business for a Win-Win Outcome

Entrepreneurs today are interested in investing capital in positive social projects if they have some potential of generating financial returns.KARACHI: In Pakistan, many education, health and poverty alleviation projects are financed by philanthropic contributions. One of the key challenges currently faced by the social sector locally and the world-over is the question of the sustainability and scaling of similar efforts.

Why Not Venture-Capital Philanthropy?

Diamond Community Investors MeetingSome of our brightest, most innovative thinkers are at start-up companies. But these companies often have a hard time raising capital. Venture-capital firms have become more cautious, unwilling to fund start-ups that have bright ideas but whose products are a long way from commercial viability. Venture capitalists consider such start-ups—such as early-stage biotech firms—too risky to justify their investment.

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